A little play (Gaza 2011)


Written by Jackie Lubeck
Directed by Richard Glockner

This is the first play written by TDP following the 30 day air attack on the Gaza Strip in the winter of 2008-2009. It took us some time before we were ready to make the play for kids. And when we decided that time was right WE MADE IT 3 TIMES WITH DIFFERENT GROUPS OF ACTRESSES.  Each day the 3 acting teams performed for different schools and each performances was followed by a workshop, as always in TDP.

“a little play” is about 3 sisters whose parents have stopped talking. They are desperately trying to figure out why. What could possibly have happened to silence this home? Maybe thieydid something wrong. Maybe not. What goes on with our parents? This is a question of all kids.

Group 1 Actresses
Manal Barakat – 12 year old girl
Wala Muteer – 10 year old girl
Fatima Abu Hatab – 7 year old girl
Halima Mousa – a girl watching

Group 2 Actresses
Hind Abu Hassanein – 12 year old girl
Hiba Shihada – 10 year old girl
Maryam Al Ostaz – 7 year old girl
Fadwa Jouda – a girl watching

Group 3 Actresses
Randa Abu Maghsib – 12 year old girl
Anhar Al Masri – 10 year old girl
Hana’ Al Ghourl – 7 year old girl
Azza Al Nahal – a girl watching


Artistic Supervision
Jan Willems & Rafat Al Aydi

Amal Abu Dawood
Maryam Enaia
Kamal Shublaq                       

Technical Team
Riyad Al Akhras
Ahmad Qadada
Ashraf Sarhan
Ola Salem & Wisam Al Dirawi
Mohammed Nofel                   

& In Jerusalem
Francis Tams & Hadeel Sous