Five in the Afternoon (Beit Jala 1997)


In the 15th century, the Tunisian story-teller El Tahani travelled the Arab World and wrote down what he saw. While in Egypt, the Sultan cut off the hands of one of his men, Jarjarry. The following day, Jarjarray returned to work explaining to the angry Sultan that he had been punished but not fired. The Sultan, impressed with such loyalty and intelligence, made Jarjarray his Wazir.

The Actors

The Wazir – Khaled al Massou
The Old Sultan – Mahmoud Awad
The Son of the Vizier – Nicola Zreineh
The Leader of the Guards – Sami Metwassi

The Team

Written by Zakariya Mohammed
Directed by Raeda Ghazaleh

Supervising Directing – Jan Willems
Set & Costume Design – Jackie Lubeck
Puppets: Design and Training – Nissrin Baqayi
Production Assistant – Amer Khalil
Set Construction & Technician – Wael Araj
Maps – Bishara Ghazaleh

Co-Production with Inad Theatre