The Story of Kufur Shamma (Gaza 1997)

kufur-shamma2“We just arrived here this morning. This is Kufur Shamma. Fifty years ago, there was a village here. My village. I must tell you the story. I must tell you the story of Kufur Shamma because if I don’t, then the story – like the village –  will disappear. My name is Walid. My friends and I are waiting for you!”

“The Story of Kufur Shamma” is about Walid and his search for the people of his village. It is the story of his journey and of the friends he meets on his way. It is the story of ‘home’ and just what ‘home’ can mean.

Kufur Shamma is a fictitious village and in performing “The Story of Kufur Shamma,” Theatre Day Productions is remembering the story of the 472 Palestinian villages that have been destroyed since the war of 1948 half a century ago.

“The Story of Kufur Shamma” was written by Francois Abu Salem and Jackie Lubeck & El-Hakawati Theatre Company in 1986. Over ten years later, Theatre Day Productions has reworked the play for a new audience. El Hakawati’s version was not performed much in Palestine since strict Israeli censorship forbid them from giving public performances in the West Bank and Gaza. The company began touring internationally … Telling the story… To audiences in Europe, in America, and in Tunisia. The play received stunning reviews for its touching and humorous portrayal of Palestinian life and for its universality. This kind of material offers themes for workshops for young people that are beyond compare.

The Actors
Ali Abu Yassin – Walid
Mohammed Abu Kweik – Kawash
Nahed Hanouna –  Najib
Riham Hamdan –  Nijmeh
Rami Salmeh –  Karim
Jilan Es-Sheikh – Hajaleh
Sami Satoum – Haj Farouk
Mohammed Abu Karsh –  Abed

Written by Jackie Lubeck & Francois Abu Salem (RIP)
Adapted by Jackie Lubeck & Jan Willems

Directed by Jan Willems

Designed by Jackie Lubeck
Assistant to the Designer & Technical Work by Mohammed Hamdan
Songs by Sheikh Iman sung by Amer Khalil

Rehearsal Translator – Abed Khourti
Assistant to the Production – Yusri Al Mughari & Abdel Karim Adwan (RIP)