The Sound of Ah (Gaza 2014)

Stories of Women in Gaza

Written by Mohammed Al Hissi (based on stories told by women in Gaza)
Dramaturgy and Coaching – Anna van Delft
Design – Hind Abu Hassanein
Assistant Directors – Manal Barakat & Ola Salem

About the Story

Eight women tell stories of love and longing. They are stories of themselves, their mothers, and the other women in their lives. Together, this collection of stories describes different political and social situations that most Palestinians have touched in modern history. Set in the bride’s party on the eve of her wedding, we hear the treasured memories of youth, lost love, and companionship. And we also hear the tales of woe, fear, lost land, and war.

The Storytellers

Wisam Al Dirawi
Randa Abu Maghasib
Hana Al Ghoul
Hana Ammar
Khitam Abu Kwaik
Maryam Al Ostaz
Hiba Shihada
Reem Anbar