Houses of People (Gaza 2004)

Houses of People

You could say that the reason for the play “Houses of People” started in 2001... Along with the start of this Intifada. During the many drama workshops we do, kids have the chance to tell or play out any story they want, any story that needs telling. For three years, most of the kids came up with stories about how difficult life has become at home. The more workshops we did, the more stories we heard: Funny stories, sad ones, tragic ones, crazy ones. With this in our heads, we started to write. We came to the conclusion that no matter how hard people try to live normal lives, most people in Palestine are unhappy, insecure, uncomfortable, and fed up. We have no cure for this. What we can do is put the problem on a public stage and to let the people think, talk, reflect, and arrange ideas. In “Houses of People” we bring the troubles of the adults and of the kids under one roof.

The Cast & Crew

House of Abu Fathi
Abu Fathi - Mahmoud Oudeh

Firyal - Mohammed Shashaa

Zaki - Mohammed Al Hissi

House of Abu Ali
Abu Ali - Ziad Nasrallah

Selwa - Mohammed Al Hissi

Walid - Mohammed Shashaa

The House of Abu Ata
Abu Ata - Mohammed Abu Tuk

Faizi - Mahmoud Oudeh

Khalil - Khaed Khamash

Written by Jackie Lubeck 
(based on improvisations of the actors and the kids in TDP’s Theatre Club) 

Directed by Jan Willems

General Manager - Amer Khalil 

Production Team

Translator to the Director - Hussam Madhoun
Technician - Ahmad Qadada

Production Assistant - Mustafa Salem 

Production Assistant - Hiba Shalouf

Office Manager/Gaza - Mervat Hafez 

Office Assistant - Randa Muhanna

Trainee - Manal Barakat