Im Abed & Her Family (Hebron 1999)

Im Abed & Her Children


During the month of improvisations, we laughed as we have never laughed before. We filmed. We transcribed. We wrote text. And we laughed some more. We went on to create Im Abed, her three children, and their hunter neighbour who meet around Im Abed’s kitchen table, a table the size of a stage. No one knows but all Im Abed’s family members are all in love: Abed with the girl M, Mohammed with girl who stole his shoe, Raeda with the soap opera star, and Im Abed herself with the hunter. Using the delicious tool of comedy, we bring forth the most taboo of subjects.  
The Hebron team was in great shape having experienced, for the first time, the making of an original text based on stories close to their hearts and homes.
(in Arabic alphabetical order)
Ihab Zahdeh – Abed 

Khalil Shethafan – Jabara 

Raed Shioukhi - Raeda

Marwan Tartouri – Im Abed
Mohammed Titi - Mohammed

Written by 
Jackie Lubeck & Yousef Tartouri 
(based on group improvisations)

Directed by Jan Willems


Production Manager & Sets - Abdel Salam Abdo
Costumes & Accessories -  Jackie Lubeck
Production Translations -  Manal Awad
Production Assistant -  Amjad Tartouri

On Sound  -  Moawiya Zahdeh

In 2005, “Im Abed & Her Family” was remade in Gaza with a new cast. See Gaza Version!