Strangers Don’t Drink Coffee (Tulkarem 1998)

A regular citizen is afraid for the future of his home after several visits from strangers from some unknown authority who claim that the house is theirs. Sound familiar?

"Strangers Don’t Drink Coffee" is a one-act play that is part of a trilogy titled "Good Man" written in 1970.

The Actors
Ghassan Suboh - Stranger 1

Ala Abu Saa - Stranger 2
Ihab Shalabi - The Man

Written by Mahmoud Diab

Directed by Raeda Ghazaleh

Assistant Director - Ihab Mahajni

Decor Jackie Lubeck & Abdel Salam Abdo

Music Selection Fareed and Rami Shehadeh

Technician Jalal Ghanem

Artistic Director Jan Willems