Moving Deeply (Gaza 2014)


Working with 6 young men from the curriculum - a wide age group of 25-35 - Rafat put together a play about age using different aged actors. Only his characters are very old men, at the edge of life and how they communicate with each other and with their grandsons. Boys are curious about the oddities of old men and about their past deeds and secrets, loves and losses. With each loss, the old get lonelier and more silent. On the day Grandmother dies, Grandfather falls silent. In an attempt to communicate, Grandson brings the old friends who, aside from more silence, bring their musical instruments. Slow movements and sounds remind them of the times passed. The young boys watch. They discover. They listen to songs and stories. Slowly borders melt. Sing, talking, laughing, they can continue walking the line to the future.


Written & Directed by Rafat Al Aydeh

The Players