10 Wheels (Gaza 2013)

10 wheels

"How can I buy that toy-truck? 

I need that truck to remember papa. 

I know. I'm going to sell all the books of Grandfather."

A group of boys set up a market and try to get people to buy books in order to replace the toy truck...
a memory from Father. A crazy comedy made by a group of funny and fun-filled boys.
From the Bahrain Preparatory Boys School. 

Improvised by the boys.

Directed by Ashraf Al Afifi

Assistant Director in Training Sami Abu Skeil

The Players

Salah Shihada – The Grandfather

Hamza Al Amoudi – The Grandson

Eyad Al Khaldi – The Guard

Mou’men Al Maghari –  Seller of Jewellery Accessories

Rajab Abed – Seller of Umbrellas

Mohammed Al Haddad – Seller of Hair Accessories

Muhannad Hassanein – Seller of Purses

Yusif Al Qurom – Seller of Garbage

Suhaib E’riqat – Seller of Tea

Ahmed Abu Aisha – Son of a Shop Owner

Rami Al Haddad – Shop Owner

Mu’taz Hassan – Garbage Collector

Ahmed Skaik – University Student 1

Ahmed Harara – University Student 2 

Omar Al Dadah – University Student 3

Mohammed Al Azaiza – University Student 4

Mahmoud Al Hindi – The Beggar

Artistic Supervision
Jan Willems, Rafat Al Aydi, & Mohammed Al Hessi 

Administrative & Technical Support
Amal Abu Dawoud, Maryam Enaia, Rania Al Shawwa, Rawia Mustaha, Henriette Araman, Jackie Lubeck  & Francis Tams, Riyad Al Akhrass, Ahmed Qdada, Ashraf Sirhan, & Muhsen Abu El Kheer