Theatre Day Productions in Gaza - PLEASE SHARE

All the aid organizations are working like mad trying to put the Gaza Strip together again.

The region is in chaos. The job is enormous. The UN is giving numbers that seem impossible.

People are living in the rubble of their destroyed – or non-existent – houses.

THEATRE DAY PRODUCTIONS raised €18,000 Euros during the war from this Help Us Help Gaza page. All the funds went directly to the homeless during the cease-fires and immediately after the last one. We will post the numbers on this page when we have all the information. It was chaotic times. All your donations were rightly spent and we THANK YOU.

Now we turn our attention to our work with CHILDREN. The drama relief program of TDP is running full. We working with all aid agencies and local organizations and partners.

We want the kids to have a happy daily structure, we need our team strong and healthy (everyone is TDP is now getting a multi-vitamin to boost their systems). We want the parents to find time to fix and rethink.

Your contributions will go to this spirit.
You can now donate directly to our bank in Gaza. This is controlled by TDP.

Quds Bank
Bank Number - 82
Branch Number – 475
Address of the Bank:  AL-BIREH - PALESTINE   P.O.BOX3636
Account Number – 363344
Account Holder: Theatre Day Productions/Ayyam Al Masrah
Swift Code – ALDNPS22
USD - PS23ALDN047503633440020010000
NIS - PS05ALDN047503633440420010000
EUR  - PS87ALDN047503633440430010000


Theatre Day Productions (Gaza & West Bank)
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