Hello Everyone,

Following our "Summer vacation in Gaza," Theatre Day Productions has been busy working with the schools throughout the Gaza Strip. Our drama teachers and trainees, our men and women, have heard thousands of stories that, together, give stunning and shocking details of what happened in Gaza. Believe me, their stories stun and shock. To help the kids get back into a school mood, and joining Unrwa and the Ministry of Education, we have been working in 25 schools with 720 children. All this is now coming together in 19 dramatic scenes and 6 cartoon films for TDP's annual Drama and Animation Festival.
The children have been over the moon during these past 2 months where they have been free - in the confines of Gaza – to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. They have laughed and cried and we have also laughed and cried with them.

This is to let you know that we begin on Nov. 23 and for 5 days the shows will go on.
At the end of day, the players and drama-teachers will lead discussions and debates with questions to the audience; we expect more than 1000 school students, parents, teachers, NGO-educators, and community leaders to attend the presentations.

Here is the schedule and our regional themes:
Sunday Nov 23 – North Region - "In Problem Times, Be Kind"
Monday Nov 24 – Gaza Region - "We are the Writers Our Own Lives"
Tuesday Nov 25 – Middle Region - "Live Your Life"
Wednesday Nov 26 – Khan Yunis Region - "When a Door Closes, Another One Opens"
Thursday Nov 27 – Rafah Region - "Free Thinking"

If you are in Gaza – let us know – 2836766.
To those of you who cannot get to Gaza, we think of you all.

Theatre Day Productions

Please circulate.